“The Paper” is a story of a fatally ill girl who lives her lonely last days in a hospital. No one knows of her and nobody but the hospital staff cares. One day a blank sheet of paper enters her room and life.

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This is made as a demoreel for job application purposes.

I took the intro to the motion picture “Poseidon” and muted it completely.

I then composed my own theme, “Due East” which you find in the Moviescore section of the audio portfolio, and did some basic sound editing.

Neat =)

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Fellow class mate Mikael Nellfors made this movie as a class assignment. He originally used a Hans Zimmer track, which one I can’t recall. Our tutor thought the film good enough to compete and urged Mikael to apply for a 3D Festival contest in Australia. He did. Problem was that he couldn’t use a commercial and copyrighted soundtrack so he approached me to do an original score for him. I had 6 hours or so to complete the task before the More...

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